Get to know TheWildOutsiders via their recent video application they created for Leave No Trace

The Wild Outsiders are hoping to become Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Traveling Trainers! We feel we are the perfect fit! Check out our application video and help us out by sharing it! Cheers! #lifeisbetteroutside Follow us on Instagram @thewildoutsiders

Posted by The Wild Outsiders on Monday, January 26, 2015


 An acronym for the "two" hikers the website focuses on, TheWildOutsiders, was the outcome of Collin Blunk and Liz Furmanski wanting to make their Appalachian Trail through hike something bigger than a six month hiatus in the woods. Always going above and beyond, they decided to create and build a brand around their fearless desire for adventure. Not exactly sure what it would and could truly become, they started the original as a reference and information website for other fellow and future through hikers. They documented everything they found during their own preparation for the hike and used their own wealth of outdoor knowledge to build a beautiful online resource that covered everything from the basics to in-depth coverage of gear and techniques. Collin used his talents in design to develop a beautiful blog-based website that was then used as an advertising springboard for sponsorships and eventually into a full blown business with merchandise and a bright future for expansion. By branding their adventures, TheWildOutsiders were able to present the benefits of an outdoor adventure-driven lifestyle and provide knowledgeable and reliable information to readers.

Today, The Wild Outsiders are still growing with big plans for the future. They strive to be one of the most in-depth and reliable Appalachian Trail resources on the web. They continually tackle new adventures and challenges and bring their findings to their readers. While always pursuing their next great adventure, they look to be living models of their motto #LIFEISBETTEROUTSIDE.