The Scarborough Marsh is Maine's largest salt-water marsh, and lucky for us, it is located just south of Portland. This giant 3,200-acre wetland is fed by four major rivers that all flood the marsh before dumping into the Gulf of Maine. Home to many waterfowl and numerous bird species, the Scarborough Marsh is the number one attraction on the Maine Bird Watchers Trail. This area is great for quiet water recreation, but users must keep an eye on the tides as the water levels ebb and flood with the ocean.

Evening on the Scarborough Marsh.

Teton and Grey Wolf (Teton's father) decided to explore the marsh's intricate paths one evening and were blown away by the area's serene and subtle beauty. We had been waiting to explore the marsh in the evening when the tide was high to catch the magnificent summer sun setting over the marsh. If you can time it right you can catch the the area at its golden hour prime.

Grey Wolf cuts through the mirror-like water.

The many pathways throughout the marsh vary in width and flow and offer many options for exploration. We snaked our way through many channels before finding our way into a secluded forest. After a half hour or so we headed back to where we launched to beat the retreating sun.

While mostly calm, the water does flow with a descent current in different areas. 

Grey Wolf navigates the gorgeous marsh.

Although the excursion was short, our paddle on the marsh was unforgettable. Any length paddle will offer a beautiful opportunity to explore a pristine and natural habitat. Just make sure you watch the tides and get out before they leave you high and dry.