We met up with friends Twirls and Fin for an exciting winter climb of the Osceolas in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. With a load of fresh snow, we geared up and headed out. 

On a winter weekend day hike, The Wild Outsider find that there is more than one way to descend a mountain. View this short from our adventure on East Osceola in the White Mountains with our friends Fin and Twirls! Follow @thewildoutsiders on Instagram for more photos and other great adventures! East Osceola is number 34 on the AMC's White Mountain list of 4,000 footers. This mountain boasts steep and strenuous inclines with rewarding views of the Three Pyramids and the rest of the Sandwich Range. Guaranteed to impress, this beauty is sure to offer a challenging and memorable winter outing! TheWildOutsiders reserve no rights for the following music accompaniment. "DROP THE GAME" WORDS AND MUSIC BY NICHOLAS JAMES MURPHY, HARLEY STRATEN © IMAGEM MUSIC, LLC D/B/A IMAGEM SOUNDS NO RIGHTS RESERVED

Loaded up with our winter hiking gear.

Fin enjoys the open views on this steep slope.

The gang heads up the exposed slope, views of the Sandwich Range.

Twirls and Moose thigh deep in fresh snow!

A frosty Moose.

Fin and Twirls at the top of East Osceola.

While we had planned to tackle both East Osceola and Mt. Osceola, we had to turn back after reaching East Osceola due to the incredibly high build up of snow. We all brought snowshoes but made the wrong assumption that the trail would be packed enough to not need them, so we passed on the extra but entirely necessary weight. By the time we made it to East Osceola we were pooped from post holing through thigh deep snow and our pace was much too slow to push onward towards the next peak so we headed back down. 

A successful and fun winter hike!

We learned a integral lesson on this trip - always pack snowshoes in preparation for any situation. Although we didn't make it to both peaks, we had a blast on this unforgettable winter trek.