A reflection of her spirit rather than size, Moose is a bright and eager adventurer who relishes the solitude of a remote wilderness. An educator by trade, she always looks to gain new experiences with which she can grow and learn. Moose graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, and currently works as teacher at Breakwater School in Portland, Maine. Liz's passion for children is evident. She adores their fresh and imaginative minds and enjoys viewing the world through their eyes each day. Earth Education is at the forefront of her teaching philosophy, encouraging her students to become lifelong learners through the exploration of nature's infinite beauty. When not in the classroom, Moose spends her weekends and free time chasing Teton through the mountains and seas. She looks forward to the warm campfires that cap their adventures and the many cozy nights spent in sleeping bags. An extended trip to Africa for a semester of student teaching in 2012 sparked her lifelong desire for travel and adventure and opened her eyes to the far corners of the globe.

Moose's birthday; kicking it on Pomroy's Rock.