Teton here, 

Thank you, Moose, for tackling the first five days with me and sharing your experience! From here on out- these accounts will be a little different. I journaled meticulously during my 52 days on the trail - sometimes to log boring details and other times to record my story. What you will be reading now on, is my word-for-word account, logged directly from the two notebooks I filled during my time paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Some days are short, others are lavish and detailed. There are mistakes, it may not always make sense, but it is certainly a true account of the experience. Enjoy!

Journal 06.jpeg

We woke from the DEC and made our usual breakfast in the parking lot. Afterwards we attempted to place the new, massive portage cart that I purchased on my boat to no avail. There was no way I could manage it, and after a guide for St. Regis Canoe Outfitters chimed in, we decided I would have to take it back and exchange. We locked up my boat and headed back into town where we debated options for a long time at Raquette River Outfitters. The nice saleswoman made us a delicious cup of espresso while we decided. I settled on the C-Tug. We will have to see how it does! I bought a couple grocery items at the Northland Grocer for resupply and headed back to launch to pack up. I shipped out at 12, noon after leaving Moose. That might be the hardest part of the whole trip. 

Moose and I say our goodbyes after a lovely 5 days in the Fulton Chain of Lakes

I paddled the rest of Long Lake as a solo traveller. An impending storm was brewing but provided a nice tail wind. I set up camp a brief 2½ hours later right before the rain hit, just past Island House Lean-to on the northern stretch of the lake. It was a nice spot that was secluded and had good rain cover. I enjoyed a beautiful sunset as I cooked my dinner by the shore. Cell service was available so I was able to talk to Moose, I also Instagrammed and blogged. I spent the evening writing my week one correspondence for Portland Press Herald - VIEW HERE.

Paddling the rest of Long Lake felt odd after having a partner the previous five days.

Boiling water for dinner by the shore

I dehydrated all my own meals beforehand, tonights dinner was one of my favorites: West African Peanut Soup.

Even though I was feeling sad and lonely, this sunset was a great reprise.

I have spent more nights in the wilderness than I could begin to count, but this evening marks my first as a solo traveller. I have to be honest, I am nervous and I am not really sure what to do with myself. The contrast from my first five nights is highlighted by the eerie silence that I have yet to experience. I spend the evening talking to myself and to the woods.