Moose launches for the day

Day 5 was my last day on this stint of the trip with Teton. We only had a quick paddle from our campsite to reach the launch area where the shuttle had brought our car. We had bagels and peanut butter as a special treat for breakfast, instead of the same old oatmeal.

It was a beautiful day for paddling. We discovered that Long Lake was a popular place for water planes to land, and we watched a few as we headed toward the dock.

When we arrived at Long Lake, we were happy to see our car had arrived. We packed up the car with our gear and headed off to town. One goal we had for this stop in town was to buy Teton a new kayak cart. Luckily, we found luck at Raquette River Outfitter where the lovely owner helped us debate carts and even made us espresso! After some serious deliberation, we finally decided on a new cart and went off looking for food.

Big Tupper Brewing was where we landed. It was a new brewery with a very new mexican restaurant as its partner. The menu was quite limited and after sampling some of the local beers and charging Teton's devices, we scooted over to another place to eat dinner.

The next morning, I watched and helped as Teton loaded up his kayak and we said goodbye as I sent him off on the water to experience life in the wilderness alone. I was sad to leave him to return home to begin another year of teaching, but happy that he was able to continue to fulfill a goal of his since moving to Maine. 

My time on the NFCT was amazing, and I hope to be able to travel through more parts of it in the near future while I visit my fiance on his 740 mile journey to the tip top of Maine.

Keep checking for updates from Teton himself as he continues to blog his journey!